Research & Development

Research & Development is the foundation for discovering innovative medicines that help to bring a change in people lives. Research & Development is at heart of our pharmaceutical company’s mission to improve health & wellbeing.

Our R&D efforts involve:

Pre-clinical research and discovery of innovative drugs

-Developing incremental innovations like product extensions

-Clinical testing for safety monitoring and marketing of prescription drugs

-Preparation and submission for FDA approvals

-FDA post market Drug Safety Monitoring


We prioritize patient needs in the development of our products and therapies.

Scientific Excellence

We invest in cutting-edge technology, research, and development to deliver innovative solutions that meet the highest scientific standards.


We collaborate with leading academic institutions, research organizations, and biotech companies to leverage expertise, resources, and insights in our R&D efforts.

Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to all applicable regulatory standards and guidelines to ensure patient safety and efficacy of our products.

We are a committed team towards advancing the frontiers of medicine and improving the health outcomes for patients worldwide.

Manufacturing Facilities
  • Our advanced manufacturing facilities provide for in- house testing of raw materials and packaging
  • In addition, our raw materials are purchased from qualified vendors.